When customizing a reusable bag, its design, color, artwork and print are some of the important aspects that are considered from the perspective of its marketability. in this post, we will talk about the ideas about how to design reusable bag’s artwork.

However, just as critical, if not more so, is ensuring that the design, artwork, printing, logo, etc of your custom printed shopping bag is such that the consumers’ shopping experience is memorable. One awesome and excellent way to do this is to go for an impressive and brilliantly designed artwork.

Designing of reusable bags includes some important components like logo, photos, image, text, color, etc.). Printing a unique artwork on a reusable bag is never a small work. A sufficiently delicate logo and appealing words can help to promote the marketing and brand and much more.

Bags without any specific design and an impressive artwork makes them boring and increases your probability of clashing with others who are carrying the same bag as you. Customized bags with a specific artwork and design ensures that you carry around a one of a kind bags, unique to your style. A personalized reusable bag can be fully customized – have your own artwork, your memorable photos, or designs printed in full color or in a selective area on the front and backside of the reusable bag.

A trendy term has been coined for designing and artwork on reusable bags and it is called “advertising”. When customized bags are ingenious, they make an impression of the lifetime and the people that spot their shopping vintage bags in the street will also be intrigued.

Why is unique artwork very important for custom reusable bags?

  • The artwork on your bag is significantly important. When printing your bag, it would be a good idea to create and provide the right artwork for the bag, along with a mock-up of how you would envisage your bag to look like. Various graphics associated with your business could be used to print as they can blend all across the bag. The base of the bag could be used to print disclaimers or even the QR codes depicting the associated values.
  • It is highly recommended to use a professional graphic designer to create the artwork for your bag as they can give you the right direction on how to maximize the space on the bag and create a right impact. Using a distinct design for your bag could potentially leave a long-lasting impression, association with a brand, conveying the right message.
  • The colorful design on your bag can arouse the young genre and pull them towards the benefits of sustainability. The design on your bag can tell the story of your business, who you are, what you deal in and what is in store for the consumers.
  • People are always attracted and fascinated by interesting designs and colors, the artwork on the reusable bags, making them curious to have a look at your business, potentially convincing them to buy. The colors of custom bags serve as your brand voice.

Custom reusable bag specifications

  • Lightweight high-quality polyester reusable bag measures 16-inch Length x 16-inch Height x 4.5-inch Width
  • Long 11.5-inch handle
  • Your design (same or different on both sides), photo(s) or text(s) will be printed in full color at the front and back measuring 11 inches square.
  • Print your own date or caption to mark events
  • Double bound seams
  • Color – warm white (base should be a light tone so that vibrant and dark colors are printed and that creates a contrast making the bag very attractive)
  • Machine washable

Ideas about how to design reusable bag artwork

Branding and brand positioning are the two buzz words in the advertising world these days. In the ultra-mix crowd of brands and an ongoing battle between different products segment – trying to survive in the corporate jungle, a strong penetration is a call of the time. May it be a small-time denim ware to a big electronic giant, success counts for a creation of a strong brand positioning and then maintaining it across all media – digital, outdoor, online or on-air – is a must!

Advertising and branding strategy have evolved over a period of time, based on media, its exposure to the target audience and reachability. In today’s time, eco-friendly printed bags or reusable bags are considered to be the most cost-effective, competent, compelling and efficient source of collateral marketing. Bags are perceived to gather closer to 6000 visibilities in its lifetime, lasting for months or for that matter even years. They are considered to outplay traditional outdoor marketing, by far.

Now, the real question is – how do we make our brands stand out? The answer being – a really capturing artwork. Branding within an artwork is an inherent visualization process, supported by primary and secondary elements. If you really want to make big out of that branded bag, you’ve got to first get the artwork right.

Some tips to design reusable bag’s artwork include:

1. Blend the light and dark color tones to create a magic

It’s all about getting the right contrast on the surface – black and white, silver on green or even beige on navy blue. The idea is to blend such colors that create an impact and are fascinating to the eyes – basically the light on dark contrast. It is the most effective way to grab attention, in the first go. Printing different contrast shades on an earthy base cotton bag and a logo standing out makes the reusable bag very attractive

2. Design a logo that is very powerful

Logos create the masterstroke – inevitably the most critical element of a visual.

Imagine the branding of Pepsi or LG to name, and you’ll know the significance of creating the right logo. It is vital that you assign the creation of your logo to the right agency or a freelancer and create a monogram that symbolizes your business and your brand.

Your logo is the facet of your brand and it is the way to communicate your message to the world, using the custom printed bags – reusable bags with customized printing.

3. Keep in mind to align the brand with the customized reusable bag

Not all bags are fit to promote a brand. It is very essential to use the right kind of bags to convey the message associated with the brand. A bag with a couple of compartments works well for wine companies as well as the wine manufacturers (brewers) as such bags are perfect for wine bottle storage and transport.

4. Get the message out there

Add a bit of sparkle to your bag by adding a name, theme, or some message to it with colorful glitter-like embellishment. The theme, name and text could be related to your business and your business is what you are!

No matter what your business talks about, which language it is in or how your trade is – just let the word out there. If you want the target audience to relate to your brand, make sure your, message, name and logo stand out on the bag.

5. Use a range of colors

Colors always grab attention. To maximize the attention of your target audience and to create brand retention, use the right color combination to complement your brand.

It is not always necessary to use vibrant colors. Using even a flat black color could do magic. At the end of the day, try and use the color that suits well your brand color.

Ideally using a good supplier would be prudent to maintain your brand reputation as they would ensure quality work and representation of your business. They can help you create a sophisticated look of your brand, based on your business by giving your logo full justification on the bags.

6. Using a monochrome

When colors can create a good outlook, using a monochrome approach could be a bold way to represent your brand. Monochrome nurtures your photographic eye. White over black or vice versa could be most effective for branding in monotone. Even using a light background with a dark logo or reverse is not a bad idea.

7. The right place

Having a logo in the center is good. However, it might pay to try and play around a bit with positioning your logo in different places on the canvas. Playing with alignment can be equally rewarding.

8. Promote GREEN

If you’re trying to make a business appear environment-friendly or create an image of green consumerism, it would be a great idea to use a green color background and place your logo on it and create green bags printed with some powerful artwork. Even using clipart with nature-friendly background could do the magic.

9. Play it casual

A casual approach to the artwork is ideal for small businesses. Casual designs including hand-drawn patterns and light color tones reflect simplicity yet grab a lot of attention.

10. Standardization of your brand

The reusable bag becomes class and a symbol of luxury as a result of a combination of various factors like; the kind of bag you choose, the type of font (sans serif), simple creative artwork and the logo can help in creating a right outlook of your brand and thus bag.

11. Multiple branding across the bag

More the merrier. Having your brand printed on multiple surfaces of your bag could be very effective. Keep in mind that when someone is carrying your bag is not always going to make sure that the logo is visible to the mass. It would be a good idea to have the logo printed on both sides of the bag. Even branding on the handle could be very beneficial.

12. You can have multiple designs and patterns on your reusable bag

You can have more than one design and layout to test out. Often when confused, showcase both the designs out to the mass and see which one gets more attention from the audience. Once ascertained that a particular type of bag works well, use that design and artwork to create a good brand positioning.

Reusable bags come with a plethora of benefits, to create brand awareness and position your brand well to the mass. Designs and artworks can be used singly or in combination with various options. It is entirely a matter of preference.

Some pro tips to design a satisfactory artwork for a custom reusable bag

  • Show off your personal style and design your own customized reusable bag with your artwork printed all over the bag. Understand why you need an artwork to be printed on your bags, then define your brand identity, find inspiration for your artwork design, pick the right color and font for your artwork, integrate your artwork design into your brand. Select iconography to set you apart. Set a style for your photography. Don’t forget about web-specific elements. Finally, print it on your green bag – so on and so forth.
  • Look for colorful personalities in your designers’ team, who understand your taste and requirements and are keen to give your brand an extra kick. Check their print-ready templates and artwork- style guide. If you are not keen to go with their design and artwork, plan your own artwork.
  • Aim to craft a custom-made design you’ll be stoked with. The artists who are at work will brainstorm and kick a few cans around and decide and finalize a fine design for you.
  • You can share your own ideas with the designers and artists in order to bring your brand to life.
  • Keep it very simple – A simple design and a meaningful logo with vibrant colors will look best when printed and will be the most memorable. The logo should be designed in a decent size on the back of the bag and the return address to be printed on the lip of the bag so that when the bag is sealed, the address shows on the back of the mailing bag.
  • Try not to be very specific when suggesting a design or artwork for your reusable bag. If you are attempting to promote a particular campaign Even if you want to promote a particular campaign, try to keep your artwork and design quite neutral. However, make sure you are still being true to your brand. This ensures that you do not have to throw the bag once the campaign is over, the bag can still be used to promote your brand.
  • Adding your website URL and social media details to your design is an advertising opportunity that should be taken advantage of.
  • Keep in mind that each reusable bag has a unique print area. Before planning any artwork, be mindful of the font (in case the words are to be printed on the bag), colors that will be used and scale the art to suit the proportion of the bag.
  • The measurements of your artwork are also important. The resolution of your artwork will make a difference in the appearance of your final product – your bag. Please take into account the resolution at which you are outputting your design when you are saving it. Each design lab is unique and works according to different specifications
  • Specify your own style, shape, size, unique color, material and branding for your bag. You can personalize every component of designing and artwork of your bag.
  • If your design is based on a photograph, many factors will come into play in the final quality of your image. The megapixels of your camera will determine the quality of your image, as will how steady a hand you have when taking the photograph!
  • If you are working with a scanned image, the resolution at which you scan your image will vary depending on the extent of your scanners resolution and the size you intend your photograph to be.
  • When you have your own ideas for the designing and artwork, you can share it in the form of vector artwork in JPEG, BMP, AI, PSD or even PDF format. These file formats are usually created in Adobe Illustrator. All fonts can be expanded and the font file is provided to the designers to avoid substitution. As far as the colors are concerned, you already have the CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colors include those as they’re specifically for printing. (If not, hex code is fine, too.)
  • In order to get the best out of your bag, it is important to know the dimensions and resolutions at which to design your artwork to maximize its visual quality.
  • Go with screen printing as it works best when the base of the bag is white. In this, the ink is forced through a mesh screen on to the bag. Logos cannot be printed using this technology. Have your logo a decent size on the back of the bag with the return address on the lip, so that when the bag is sealed the address shows on the back of the mailing bag.
  • For sharper results and approximate color matches, go for Digital Heat Transfer.
  • If you want your colors to be just that, sublimation is a bright idea. It achieves stunning, vivid, full-color graphics by heat transferring a digitally printed image onto the reusable bag. Another technology is Direct To Garment. It’s a viable solution for low-quantity orders. Full-color graphics can be achieved with DTG and produce up to 600DPI prints.
  • If you want your artwork on the bag in the form of embroidery, then artwork files are digitized so that the sewing machine can recreate your artwork in the form of embroidery onto your bag. Embroidery is a hand art where different threads are sewed on the yarn to create some specific design. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn colors.
  • For clear and crisp, artwork reproduction, go for Offset printing. Special flexible ink is used so the transfer is extremely durable and won’t crack or fade.
  • An impressive and powerful artwork on your reusable bag creates a long-lasting impression which not only makes the customer’s shopping experience, memorable but benefits the company as well.


Vibrant artwork, bright prints, distinctive styles and funky patterns, imbue a beautiful form with significance – and substance to the reusable bag. Artwork for branding is of utmost significance as it an extremely powerful emotional trigger. It creates an emotional attachment and a feeling of being relating to something. Branding using impressive artwork converts fans into superfans. After all, the goal of an impressive artwork for establishing a brand identity design is to tell your company’s story in a way that creates excitement, loyalty, and awareness.


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