You are a marketing manager, and you may be asking yourself: how to choose custom reusable bags for my business? you are in the right place. Choosing the right custom reusable bags will get twice the result with half the effort for your business and events. Therefore, it is necessary to plan carefully before making a decision to customize your reusable bags. This is a complete guide to choose right custom reusable bags, in this guide you can learn everything about how to choose right custom reusable bags in different industries event according to their material, GSM/Thickness, sizes, colors, styles, price, weight carry capacity, etc.


The best answer for controlling the issue of plastic hazards is boycotting plastic to save the environment. Reusable bags are the bags that are enduring and sturdy for a pretty long time. Such bags are produced in various sizes, styles and hues. Reusable and recyclable material bags are the favored option in contrast to plastic bags. These bags are made from various materials like polyester, cotton, polypropylene, nylon, hemp, jute and calico, which is a plain-woven material, produced using unbleached cotton.

We can utilize reusable bags as bioplastics as well. The consistent drive for the protection of the environment and economical undertaking in the course of several decades has brought a developing business sector for reusable bags. With progressions in science and innovation, sustainable natural resources like pea starch, vegetable oil and corn-starch are used for extracting bio-plastics or natural/biodegradable plastics. Degradable plastic, compostable plastic and biodegradable plastic are the three kinds of bioplastics that can be utilized as reusable bags.

These custom reusable bags are utilized based on the principle of three R’s and these three R’s are recycle, reduce and reuse. All these principles help to diminish the amount of waste we discard. These bags are called recyclable bags and eco- friendly bags as well. Furthermore, these bags help in conserving energy and natural resources and serve multiple purposes.

A custom reusable bag is a fantastic replacement for plastic bags and it ensures that it serves your multiple requirements of using this bag for shopping purposes, like garment bags, wine bottle bags, tote bags, beach bags, promotional reasons, marketing purpose, etc.

This is a complete guide to choose the right custom reusable bags. In this guide, you can learn everything about how to choose your own custom reusable bag for your businesses and events.

What are the benefits of Choosing Custom Bags?

  1. Customization of bags allows you to put your business or personal logo, text, design, embellishment on the fabric, either to promote your brand or to form your own style statement. The biggest benefit of customizing reusable bags is to reach a larger audience.
  2. A category of customized reusable bags like tote bags and non-woven polypropylene bags, offer heaps of variants in terms of selection. Heaps of variants in terms of colors, sizes, shapes, etc. are available. Customized reusable bags have several uses;
  3. Some customized reusable bags are heavy-duty bags and used for canned goods, while some are thin in durability and used for meats and produce.
  4. Customized reusable bags can be stored in your cars to be carried every time with you whenever you enter any grocery or supermarket to shop.
  5. It is easy to wash and maintain customized reusable bags as they do collect bacteria over time.
  6. More the variants in reusable bags, the more the uses they offer. Some bags are customized and designed just to carry books, some for beach supplies, some for picnic lunches, and some for carrying other home utilities. Whatever the requirement be, a customized reusable bag is always helpful.

Reasons to choose different bags for different target audiences and scenes

Reasons To Choose Different Bags For Different Target Audiences And Scenes

The market for customized reusable bags is segmented into, casual everyday tote, corporate sturdy reusable bags, customized laptop bags, On the basis of product application, the market is segmented into shopping tote, casual everyday tote, laptop tote, travel and business tote, sports tote, and personalized tote.

Based on fabric and material, the market for customized reusable bags is segmented into jute, hemp, fabric, organic cotton, canvas, embellished, faux leather, nylon, PVC, and cloth.

Based on the pattern, the market for a customized reusable bag is segmented into solid, printed, and textured.

Based on the size, the market for the customized reusable bag is segmented into large, medium and small.

  1. A customer chooses a customized reusable shopping bag as per his or her preference and requirement. His choice may depend on different factors like material preference, colors, styles, price, handles, the number of bags needed and other features. Usually, young people prefer simple and fashionable bags with bright colors and personalities.
  2. For corporate people, business people and entrepreneurs, a custom reusable bag represents the brand by featuring a company logo, corporate colors, slogans, contact information, QR code and any other relevant information. Customization of reusable bags in modern styles, prints, not only add a funky element but can be carried around anywhere, displaying the brand and company logo.
  3. Students can use reusable snack bags that have 100% cotton prewashed designer fabric on the outside and water-resistant 100% nylon on the inside with aplix (softer version of velcro) used for the closure instead of Velcro. Such bags are BPA free and very convenient to use and open. Such bags also allow students to do some fun activities like make some handmade motifs, do some hand painting and paste some embellishments on these bags. Kids and toddlers who are school going use custom backpacks to carry their books, notebooks, stationery, or lunch. Based on the age of the kids, custom backpacks of different sizes are specifically designed having adjustable shoulder straps. 
  4. Teenagers and adults often find tote bags or laptop backpacks to be the most useful bags for their day-to-day life. The major driving factor of the target market is tote bags fulfil fashion statement and practical needs especially in women. Tote bags are beneficial for working women, owing to their large size and ability to carry product of various sizes. In addition, tote bags can serve as secondary packaging solutions for carrying luggage and storage purposes.

Customized reusable bags offer businesses a lot of benefits. If the bags have business information printed on them, the recipients and customers will use them everywhere, promoting the company’s brand name. Giveaway reusable bags or tote bags are really valuable from popularity and economical perspective. The special feature about customized reusable bags, also known as carrier bags or a bag-for-life is that you can fill them with anything related to your business, like pens, company diaries, pamphlets, guides, and flyers. Also, all these items with your entity logo is apt for promotional purposes by offering them at a workshop, a conference, a fair or an event.

Reusable shopping bags made from durable materials and fabrics are sturdy bags that are designed to last for years. Customization of reusable shopping bags also creates awareness among the masses regarding the reduction of plastic menace by stopping using bags made of plastic. At the same time, customization ensures that the business logo is seen in every grocery store, shopping center, or supermarket.

Types of custom reusable bags

Non-woven polypropylene bags

Non-woven bags are created out of non-woven polypropylene sheets fiber. This fiber is air-permeable, very smooth, and soft. No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating or water is used in making of these bags.

The bonded fibers create a very smooth, recyclable and convenient fabric used for manufacturing reusable bags. The thickness and durability of non-woven bags vary between 60gsm and 120gsm. 

These bags are very light in weight, soft, durable, can burn without toxic contaminants, flexible, and comfortable to carry. They also reflect a fashion statement. Non-woven bags also make reliable replacements for easily torn, non-durable plastic paper gowns. Since these bags are air-permeable (porosity), they are apt for storing fresh veggies and fruits. Non-woven bags can be customized in various colors, sizes, and patterns. These are used as non-woven shopping bags, tote bags, wine and beer bottle bags, garment bags, food bags, handbags, etc.

Non-woven bags are being used for multiple purposes at the supermarkets, off-licenses, malls, grocery stores, businesses, department stores, gift shops, promotional companies, and much more. These bags made of non- woven polypropylene fabric are the most versatile, environment-friendly and practical bags in the market place today. 

Non-woven polypropylene bags are an excellent choice for businesses for the purpose of brand promotion. These bags are used to offer various client’s exquisite convenience, reusability, and durability. In addition, these bags are easy to be printed, for broadcasting the brand messages, colored and dyed differently.

Cotton bags

Organic cotton, even though is quite expensive, is recommended for making these bags as they are the best for the environment. Recycled cotton (that comes from leftovers, second-hand clothing or from textile waste) is also an option as it is made using different percentages of post-industrial recovered/reclaimed/recycled cotton. Cotton is the best fiber for creating reusable bags as it is durable, easy to wash and maintain, comfortable against the skin, and takes dye well. It holds its shape so well, hides stains fairly well and can handle many pieces of washing without losing the screen-printed logo. These bags usually come in 100, 140, 180 and bigger GSM.

Laminated Shopping Bags

Laminated reusable bags are made from laminated woven polypropylene, laminated recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), laminated nonwoven polypropylene. Some of the laminated shopping bags have a matte finish and some have a glossy appearance. Some laminated bags are made from recycled content. Here’s a close up of laminated bag material:


These reusable custom bags are very thin, compact, yet durable. These are made using nylon or polyester. The material basically feels like a windbreaker jacket because of its thinness.  The price is very reasonable and these bags have a higher perceived value in comparison to other custom reusable bag options.  This fabric is easy to wash in a machine if there is no printing on the bag. These bags usually come with straps or pouches to fold up easily on the go. If printing is there, then a gentle hand wash is recommended.

Recycled PET

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is basically clear plastic referred to as recycled soda bottles. This is a clear plastic which is used in making soda and water bottles. It has been recognized as non-toxic, strong, flexible, safe 100% recyclable and lightweight material for making reusable bags. There are several methodologies this material is used in making bags. It might be mixed with polyester for a fabric material that is soft to the touch; or used as a base material with a laminated exterior, or it can be combined with polyester and made to look more like the poly/nylon bags.

Natural material (hemp, jute, bamboo)

Custom reusable bags created using natural materials like jute, hemp and bamboo are a bit expensive but really safe for the environment. These materials are easy to grow and so harsh chemicals and pesticides are not used for their growth. Also, they need less water. These materials are most of the time mixed with items such as non-woven polypropylene and cotton to increased durability.

Different Kinds of Custom Reusable Bags in Each Industry, Businesses or Events

Custom bags for the medical industry and businesses

That is why these bags are used for making medical aprons and other medical types of equipment in surgical wards.

Custom Reusable shopping bags

If you are a purchasing manager of a large supermarket, before you begin to purchase custom reusable bags, you should definitely consider lighter materials, reusable and recyclable material, which can also be suitable for printing the brand information, has more durability, is portable and comfortable, offer long service life, is washable and can be easily maintained and cleaned. These reusable shopping bags can be made using different materials like jute, non-woven polypropylene, insulated polyester fiber, cotton, canvas, etc.

Custom Welcome Gift Tote Bags for The Wedding & Evening Party, for Christmas and for Beach or Company Picnic

As a wedding planner, it is a challenge to customize a wedding gift bag that everyone likes with a proper budget. A wedding welcome gift bag should be unique, exquisite, colorful and youthful, which can present the feeling of a wedding celebration. On the other hand, paying attention to environmental protection is an eternal topic. we need to reduce the generation of plastic waste, so the custom welcome gift tote bag is a perfect choice.

These bags usually are 80gsm and come with long shoulder handles. These could be made using different materials like jute, canvas, non-woven and cotton. These tote bags can be screen printed and take heat transfer prints. Different colors include; Beige, bottle green, white, gold, grey, black, light pink, process blue, lime green, orange, powder blue, navy blue, hot pink, purple, red, royal blue. These are perfect for wedding welcome gift bags, carrying stuff for a business picnic or to a beach.

Marketing with Custom Promotion Reusable Bags

Suppose you are a marketing manager of a large bank; you are preparing some custom promotion reusable bags to give to your target customers. The custom bags should be more formal style and color, printed with logos of the bank and some promotional information on them. and they must be made of environmentally-friendly recyclable materials, after all, the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is a matter of killing two birds with one stone to obtain free brand impressions while protecting our planet in their lifetime.

Custom Reusable Insulated Cooler Bags

If you are an organizer of a picnic, it is best to order some custom insulated cooler bags to keep drinks and food fresh and cool. the insulated bags often don’t need bright colors and styles, but they should have an aluminium foil insulation layer inside, with comfortable handles and convenient zippers. Usually, these cooler bags are more expensive than others, but most of them are made of eco-friendly recyclable materials. These are usually 238 GSM and hence very durable. These handy and durable cooler bags make an excellent positive impact. Such bags can be carried to work, hiking, school, and even sporting events. These custom reusable insulated cooler bags are ideal for the medical industry, hospitality, or tech industry. Also, these are the best for packing a healthy lunch, dinner, or snack for your trips.

Custom Reusable Garment bags

These bags are made of polypropylene non-woven fabric and keep the garments fresh. These come in different sizes, patterns and colors. These bags can also be customized and made into small (for smaller garments) or long size (for longer garments).

Custom Reusable Drawstring gift bags

While giving gifts away, we use a lot of wrapping paper which ends up in waste bins. This is a threat to the outer environment. Old pretty bedsheets, colorful garments, jute non-woven polypropylene and other attractive fabrics can be reused and sewed into beautiful drawstring gift bags. These drawstring gift bags are easy to open and have easy close structures. This makes these bags convenient to carry just anything, starting from gym clothes, towels, baby nappies to meals and nibbles on the go.

Wine/beer bags

The custom reusable wine/beer bag also has a significant place in the checklist of environmental responsibility. They can be made using jute, non-woven polypropylene, washable acrylic, etc. It is easy and convenient to carry in comparison to four bottles in paper sleeve triple bagged in plastic. In many wine shops, an incentive is offered to the customer to “Fill it up” and purchase more wine. These bags can be reused up to 250+ uses, come in multiple colors, imprint able with up to 4 colors on two sides. 

Custom Reusable Trade Show Bags

Based on your industry and event, tradeshow bags can be found in a huge variety of materials, colors, patterns to ensure that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

The popular choices are:

  • Custom Laminated Bags
  • Reusable Grocery Bags
  • Drawstring Bags: Whether you like a backpack design or want to offer customers a cooler backpack, these are the apt bags.
  • Custom Cotton Tote
  • Custom Nylon Bags
  • Custom Vinyl Bags
  • Custom Non-Woven Bags
  • Custom Insulated Bags

Custom Reusable Food and Restaurant Bags

These bags are made using different materials like non-woven polypropylene bags, jute, nylon, insulated bags, etc. These bags mostly have dimensions like; 23 inches in depth by 13” in width by 14” in height, and are spacious enough to pack food for a family of 10 inside.

Such bags are ideal:

  • Food takeaways and delivery purposes
  • Giving away to customers who buy enough of your product or host a big event
  • Home events catering, catering of office parties, or small weddings
  • Holiday gift deliveries, such as client thank-yous

Custom Reusable Bags for Schools

These bags are usually made of canvas, nylon, and polyester. These are perfect for toting books and tech items, without being too bulky. These bags can be made in different styles, colors, and patterns. From beautiful bleed and vibrant colors on printing to zippers and pockets, snaps to printing on the lining of the bag, you really can customize it like a boss!

How to choose a reusable shopping bag?

Reusable shopping bags should be selected based on individual needs. However, some features to look for before you choose a reusable shopping bag that’s right for you include;

  • Material Preference for custom reusable bags:  Several materials that are used for making custom reusable bags include nonwoven polypropylene, cotton, recycled cotton, laminated materials, polyester or (ripstop) nylon, recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), or natural (jute/bamboo/hemp).
  • Price: This is the most important attribute to be considered. Different people have different budgets for custom reusable bags. The thumb rule is that the bags with better quality are a bit costly. The price range for custom reusable style bags includes;

Least pricey (1USD-2USD per bag): Primarily nonwoven polypropylene bags, and a few exceptions for small, nylon bags.

Mid-Price Range (2USD-4USD per bag):  Cotton bags are now in the USD3-USD4 range with limited options under USD3. In the USD2-3 range, laminated bags fall. Poly/nylon bags tend to be in the USD2.50-USD3.50 range.

Most pricey (USD4+ per bag): In this range, fall bags made of natural materials like jute, hemp, organic cotton, and recycled cotton. Also, these are the bags that have grommets, pockets, fancy handles, embellishments and lots of details.

Handles and Other attributes: Some bags are small, some are large, some bags fold, some zip, and some snap. Some important tips to keep in mind when choosing your custom reusable bags include:

  • Handle Length: If you are looking for longer handles, then bags with 20” or more handle length (measured from seam to seam in a loop) are recommended. For shorter handle length, bags with 18” or shorter handles in length are the ones to look for.
  • Gusset Size: Gusset bags can be easily made to stand upright, are excellent for displaying multiple-piece products, and are more versatile in terms of pattern, size and shape. The gusset (a triangular patch of fabric that is placed or sewed at the bottom of the bag to add space and breadth in the bag) means the depth of the reusable bag. A generous gusset is recommended if the bag is to be used for groceries. Some bags have full three-sided gussets (panels in the bottom and on both sides), are flat with an absence of a gusset, and others have a bottom gusset only.
  • Fold Up Bags: The best part of these bags is that they do not occupy much space in your handbag, a pocket of your backpack, purse, car cup holder, briefcase or car or anywhere you carry them. They fold into themselves, take a shape of a pouch, and are really portable. These bags come with funky zippers, snaps, Velcro, and drawstrings, to hold them together. These custom reusable Fold Up bags are super handy and most apt and suitable for unexpected trips to the mall, market or grocery store, since they are small enough to be stored anywhere.
  • Colour: Custom reusable bags can be found in a wide range of vibrant colors. However, some bags have earthy tones and some have a dull and natural color. It all comes down to your own preference and liking.
  • Imprinting: Look for a bag made of reusable material on which it is possible to print with a high-quality heat transfer. For printing a design or logo in the ‘full-color process’ (which has multiple vibrant colors), important things which need to be considered for printing business logo, brand message, design are the color graphics and “partial or full printing”. You need to talk to your supplier regarding this.
  • Insulation bags: These are especially used in restaurants and the food industry for the storage of food items. These are lined with thermal insulation, which helps to keep the frozen or cold food items to remain cold while in transit. These are a bit pricey in comparison to other options available.
  • Wine Bottle Sleeves and Bottle Bags: These bags are handy in order to carry beer or wine bottles, or to gift someone. These keep cold wines cold for hours. A simple printed sticker or a personalized ribbon can be added on the bag and some bags also have bottle ‘sleeves’ in the interior side that ensure the glass bottles stand upright while in transit.

How Many Custom Reusable Bags are Needed? 

For shopping for a week, the idea or the rule of thumb is you should have about two to three per member of the household. Keeping this rule of thumb in mind and using this as a guide, a family of 4 needs eight-twelve bags per trip to the supermarket or a grocery store. It is always recommended to keep some extra reusable bags handy in the car, home, or office for unanticipated shopping trips (supermarket, mall, grocery, or other).

Some Pro Tips When You Start to Find Suppliers to Customize Your Reusable Bags

Some Pro Tips When You Start to Find Suppliers to Customize Your Reusable Bags

You should have a proper understanding about the selection of the right custom reusable bags, and the right supplier as well;

  1. Look for reusable bag suppliers on several famous portals. Check for reviews by customers for credibility.
  2. If you just need a small number of bulk custom reusable bags, you can get the bags you want quickly by going to a local or online retailer.
  3. If you need large quantities of custom bags, or you are after bulk purchase, you should carefully search for large suppliers or manufacturers.
  4. Contact multiple suppliers for getting the lowest quote multiple options and variants
  5. Request a quote before making the decision.
  6. Once you decide to go with a particular supplier, request for samples. Negotiate and go through the supplier’s website. Choose the items which meet your requirement.
  7. After receiving samples, check the quality, color, durability, GSM, material uses. Ensure that the items meet all your expectations and requirements.
  8. If conditions permit, it is necessary to visit the supplier’s production factories.
  9. Once you like the samples, decide on the quantity (number of bags), which variants you like, etc.
  10. Prepare a purchase order with terms and conditions, estimated delivery date, etc.
  11. Once the supplier signs the PO, make the initial payment
  12. One you receive the goods, and all goes well, make the final payment.


Custom reusable bags are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. The sole reason is the reduction of plastic menace and conservation of the environment and our depleting natural resources. These bags are now so prevalent in the society, community, businesses and there are heaps of choices available. Some buy a trendy, funky and high-end bag for establishing a fashion statement and some look for durability and functionality offered by the bags before buying one. Custom reusable bags are used in tradeshows, for marketing, in schools, charities, hospitals, supermarkets and at events. The idea is to reduce the use of plastic and transition to an environment-friendly lifestyle.


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