Becoming a Sales Partner or Affiliate

Sales Partners & Affiliates(RECRUITING)

We Are Looking For Companies As Sales Partners And Individuals To Work As Sales Representatives.

We are a professional nonwoven fabric manufacturer in China, We have 3 factories with 20 production lines, cover about 50000㎡ and have more than 1000 workers. Our capacity can be 4000 TONS/Month.

We can produce non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabric products for any use. such as Spunbond, Meltblown, PPPE, SF, SS, SMS, CPE, PP, Spunlace non-woven fabric raw materials,
face mask, Tablecloth, Disposable sheets, Shoes cover, Non-woven shopping bag, Nonwoven fabric packaging, etc.

Based on the expansion of the market scale, currently we are recruiting Sales Partners & Affiliates from all over the world. If you or your company meet the following conditions, please contact us immediately. We look forward to your joining!

You or your company should have the following advantages:

1. You have to be familiar with cross-border B2C business
2. You need to know about nonwovens and related industries.
3. You should have or be able to collect new customers information of non-woven fabric industries in your country.
4. You can cooperate with the company headquarter to deal with the after-sales problems and customer service support of local customers.
5. You can communicate with customers by mail, telephone, WhatsApp, offline meeting, etc.

What We offer:

1. We can give you a high commission in the industry that you can’t refuse.

2. You can get lower factory prices than general agents.

3. You can visit the headquarters company and factory at any time.

4. You can get extra step-by-step sales bonus.

5. If we set up a subsidiary company in your country, you can get the priority promotion to the position of general manager.

How to Apply:
If you think you’re a good fit, we’d like to know you. Please send us an email at [email protected]