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Custom Non-Woven Bags & Totes

Door to Door, Quick Delivery Worldwide, Free Logo Artwork, Low Price Guarantee, Low Minimums.

We accept custom order on any type of non-woven reusable shopping tote bags. The following custom reusable bags you see below are customized for our customers, If you can’t find what you need, Please Chat With Us Online Or Request for Quotation!

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About Custom Wholesale Non-woven Reusable Tote Bags
Want to customize your own non-woven reusable bags for your business?

You have made the right decision.

Very likely, if you look around where you live, you will find that more and more people around you are starting to use eco-friendly reusable non-woven tote bags. That's because many shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, wedding planners, universities, as well as some companies and organizations have started to provide free reusable&recyclable bags. A non-woven fabric reusable shopping tote bag with a custom printed logo or an attractive image, no one will refuse this kind of personalized reusable bags, will they?

But, Why You Should Choose Custom Non-woven Reusable Tote Bags For Your Business? Here Are Some Reasons:

We choose custom non-woven shopping bags because they are cheap, recyclable and reusable, plus it's easy to scale when you plan to use them to promote your brand.

Custom non-woven fabric reusable tote bags are the best green alternative to plastic bags, from reducing ocean plastic pollution, to preventing more toxic air pollution, to slowing plastic bags harming our soil, and giving us the most compelling reason to ban plastic bags. With sturdy non-woven cloth, custom reusable grocery tote bags are strong enough to carry more weight(e.g. some of our ultrasonic shopping tote bags can carry 10Kg). In addition to this, your customers will use these reusable shopping bags for many times and last a long time, however, there's something you might not know: single-use plastic bags are only used for an average of 10 minutes.

Unlike plastic bags, non-woven bags are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it will normally take three months to break down while the plastic bag needs about 1,000 years to completely degrade.

Is It Eco-friendly To Use non-woven Reusable Tote Bags? Yes, It's Really Green.

By using custom non-woven reusable tote bags to promote your brand is an effective marketing strategy, but the costs are far less than traditional advertising. Furthermore, offering your customers affordable promotional custom reusable non-woven bags is a helpful way to build your brand and receive more attention as well.

In, we can customize any type of non-woven fabric reusable tote bags, this lets you choose a variety of options for your bags: the color, the size, the gsm, the style, printing method, etc. And we will help you design your own custom tote bag for free, adding a unique logo, an art image or something else you want to print on your custom wholesale tote bag. You decide the color, size, and style of your bags, we'll do the rest.

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our minimum order quantity is 5000pcs.

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