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We are a professional non-woven fabric raw materials manufacturer & supplier in Wenzhou, China for over 20 years. We produce high-quality non-woven fabric raw material for eco-friendly agricultural weed control non woven fabric, disposable non woven bed sheet, tablecloth making and packing at a very competitive price.

As a trading company, we own a complete industrial chain on non-woven fabric raw materials, our non-woven fabric products can be used to make flower wrapping & gift packing, disposable non woven bed sheet, recyclable table cloth and weed control non woven fabric, and we are honored to accept OEM and ODM orders. We have a mature technique and well experience to satisfy our customers. Please Request A Quote Today For The MOQ and Prices!


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Agricultural Weed Control Non Woven Fabric

Need materials to make custom agricultural weed control non woven fabric? You are on the right way, we are pp non-woven fabric raw materials professional manufacturer & supplier in China. All of our high-quality non-woven fabric raw material for making eco-friendly waterproof weed control fabric can be customized with GSM, colors, sizes and much more options! Please request a quote for more detailed information.


Disposable Non Woven Bed Sheet

As an one-stop non-woven fabric supplying service manufacturer? We can offer you with high-quality non woven bed sheet roll with wholesale price, You can print company logo or something else( you can choose colors, styles, sizes and others!) on disposable non woven bed sheet. These non woven bed sheets can use for disposable use scenario andmassage table, let’s us help you choose the right disposable bed covers.


Non-Woven Fabric Packing Material For Flower & Gift Wrapping Material and Table Cloth Making

Our packing material are made of 100% polypropylene recyclable non woven fabric. You can customize them for flower & gift wrapping or tablecloth. We have full control over the quality of our products, and our professional sales team can meet any buyer’s request with amazing service.


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