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We are a professional non-woven fabric materials and custom wholesale reusable grocery tote bags manufacturer & supplier in China, it has been established for over 20 years. We have 1,000+ employees.and our month production capacity has been over 1,300,000 pieces, offering non-woven fabric, non-woven bags, shopping bags, folding bags, drawstring bags, wine bags, cooler bags, storage box bags, garment bags, cotton and canvas tote bags, custom reusable tote bags, etc. We can cater to different needs and budget requirements, You will find satisfactory products here that you are looking for!

As a trading company, we own a complete industrial chain on wholesale tote bags: technology research and development of new products, products design, production, and sale, serving a wide variety of industries. We have supplied thousands of companies, retail stores, importers and small business with quality products and competitive prices all over the world.

We also accept OEM and ODM orders. We have a mature technique and well experience to satisfy our customers, so we will provide you with One-stop Supplying Service. Please Request A Quote Today For The MOQ and Prices!

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